Wild Horses rounded up Friday and brought to auction in Fallon, Nevada. Shipping to Canada for Slaughter

Please read the following. Have heard through the grapevine that The Cloud Foundation has issues a law suit and has put a hold on the shpping of 200+ horses untilWednesday this week. 275 horses were auctioned off last night. 90% believed ti be purchased by kill buyers going to Canadian slaughter houses http://www.buzzfeed.com/freewildhorses/the-obama-administrations-stealth-horse-slaughter-cqlw

Picture is of my PMU baby saved by the United Pegasus Foundation from the slaughter pipeline in Canada. Moral: healthy horses are sent to slaughter too...not just old unwanted horses-this is what we are told to believe.

After picture of lip healed from the summer sore

The traditional veterinary treatment suggested for this horse was to surgically remove sore leaving a divot in lip. I said please give me at least a week to try something topically.

Initially I used a mixture of raw organic garlic and vitamin E mixed with Aztec healing clay to burn off top layer of infected tissue. Flushing it with water 2x a day.

As I saw raw pink flesh become exposed I began to just use clay mixed w vinegar. With vitamin e put in after flushing 2x a day.

vitamin e with the clay dusted on top was then sufficient and finally when a protective layer of skin was present enough vitamin e and regular water flushing was all that was necessary.

Please note that all ingredients I have listed are fully ingest-able and non-toxic.

Time between two photos was approximately 2 weeks at most.

How I naturally helped a horse who had a summer sore

This is of course not meant to treat or diagnose your horses ailment. Nor is this considered professional advice for you to use on your horse. This is meant to be a case study based on my own experience of using not toxic topical elements to help a POA mare. Please consult your veterinarian and show them this study to see if they can guide you in treating your horse naturally.

Before 6mmx6mm summer sore

Funny Horse PMU gelding

We are all enjoying the beautiful weather out here in the west. We are truly blessed. The days have been warm and sunny lately. Remington is out enjoying himself and just stopping to ham it up for the camera.