A really fun fundraiser evening performance Malibu Horses produced in 2009. I created this concept of Evening performance-equestrian/fashion show in 2008. This was my first realization of that. This video is shot by someone directly related to designer which is why it is focused on the fashion first and not the horses. I learned a lot from this experience. Im longing my Arabian Spright at around 2+ min.

I hope to find more footage taken during this night....

Bareback Riding Lessons

28 yrs of riding experience has taught me that really the best way to have a solid seat that won't come off the horse is to learn to ride bareback. As a child I rode bareback regularly. Some people never have and don't feel secure in the saddle. In order for your body to use the correct muscles naturally; bareback riding is essential. Pilates on a horse. Moving meditation.

These lessons are for beginner or advanced riders. We have very calm horses as well as horses that are more forward for advanced riders.

This is a beautiful ranch right on the ocean in Malibu. Beautiful view. Nice and cool.

Horsewomanship and Riding Lessons are 1.5 hrs $140

Lessons improve:

-self confidence
-butt, thighs, and lower abdominal muscles
-self awareness
-ability to adapt and breathe in motion
-eases anxiety
-increases ability to calmly focus
-increases childlike happiness:)


Inge C Halliday

310-457-1252 feel free to text any questions as well:)

    Horseback riding lessons in Los Angeles-Malibu

    Are you a horse girl at heart? Do you dream of being around horses, and living and equestrian lifestyle? Or are you an avid equestrian that wants to expand your knowledge of these mystical and magical beings?
    Horses are here to help us heal from our humanness, from our disconnection in a civilized society. They remind us that there is plenty of love, plenty of joy, plenty of peace, plenty of light, if we can just slow down and be in the rhythm of nature.
    In return we can help them heal from our humanness too. Help them to live in conditions that are full of love and understanding. To experience us as patient and interactive. Negotiating instead of demanding and controlling.
    Horses need us as they live within our civilization. Horses living among us need kind people to care for them and be advocates that use our powerful voices and resources to better their life conditions; emotionally, physically, and mentally.
    Have you always wanted to own a horse? Did you know there are many that are available at auctions at very inexpensive prices that need us to figure out how to help them to live a life within our society? The alternative is an unfortunate demise, as the United States continues to be the largest exporter in the world of horse meat from perfectly good healthy horses. This is not a widely known fact.
    I believe we owe horses an eternity of thanks and reverence as it was on their backs that we attained the quality of life we currently have. Especially in this country. They are a symbol of freedom and grace that we all aspire to embody.

    Visit our website to learn more about riding instructor, Inge Halliday www.malibuhorsesinc.com

    Wild Horses rounded up Friday and brought to auction in Fallon, Nevada. Shipping to Canada for Slaughter

    Please read the following. Have heard through the grapevine that The Cloud Foundation has issues a law suit and has put a hold on the shpping of 200+ horses untilWednesday this week. 275 horses were auctioned off last night. 90% believed ti be purchased by kill buyers going to Canadian slaughter houses http://www.buzzfeed.com/freewildhorses/the-obama-administrations-stealth-horse-slaughter-cqlw

    Picture is of my PMU baby saved by the United Pegasus Foundation from the slaughter pipeline in Canada. Moral: healthy horses are sent to slaughter too...not just old unwanted horses-this is what we are told to believe.