Couples Horseback Riding LESSONS ~ Learn about HORSES together:)

This is a great experience for everyone from newer couples to those that have been married for many years. This enjoyable experience is a great way to get to know your partner in many ways. Working together to learn to care for beautiful and kind horses. This is a nice way to enjoy nature with the one you love. Explore a new relationship or strengthen a seasoned one.

The horses so need our attention, love and advocacy and they give every bit right back to us:)

Horses are very wise as well as being completely honest creatures. They serve as a mirror to where we are, emotionally and physically, in present time. Helping us to increase our overall awareness.

If you would like to come to Malibu and take a Lesson please take a second to fill out a Rider Profile  so we know who you are and what your specific riding level is. We look forward to meeting you:)

Text of Call 310-457-1252 with date inquiries.

Couples Riding Lessons are $270 BOOK IT! 

Arena is surrounded by vineyards. It is a stunning location.

Malibu is full of great wineries you can visit after your Lesson. Make a day-cation of it:)

We will be doing Romantic Couples Trail Rides & Wine Tasting again in the future, the Couples Riding Lesson is a great way to prepare to have a safer more enjoyable trail ride in the future. Increasing your skill level to move with  and guide the horse in a more advanced way.


Rescue a horse as your first horse! Over 100,000 horses a year go to kill pens in the US and are then transported to Mexican and Canadian slaughter houses...

for human consumption in MANY other countries. Horse meat has been found in ground beef in Taco Bell for instance.

Slaughtering horses or selling horses for slaughter has been illegal in Texas since 1949 but several of the nations Kill Pens are in Texas...this is their last stop until they go to Mexico.

There are many advocates working on the legal aspects of this issue.

If you are looking to get a horse this is a great way to SAVE A LIFE and get a horse for under $1000

Most of my students are adult beginners. Women that have always wanted to have a horse but somehow never got to. Most women have stories of someone talking them out of it. Saying it's unrealistic. You have to be rich in order to have a horse. This isn't true.

This misconception is what makes 1000's of horses go to these cruel places to be killed. They are not old ill horses going through these places. 92% are healthy and under the age of 5. These are where breeders send the horses that won't make them $'s .

In my experience there are many great riding horses that would be perfect first horses. There were at least 5 gaited (very smooth movement) horses there in the last month. These horses ranged from 8 years old to 15. The perfect age to enjoy trail riding. There are horses off the track that are 12+ years old that could make a teens life super happy as a jumper.

My horse Remington-who was being sent to slaughter as a baby after he was part of the Premarin Menopause Drug Project

Just to give you an idea about expenses on a horse. Every area is a bit different but in General it is only super expensive if your horse is in full training and you have a groom. You don't have to do it this way. So in Southern California Board ( basic feed, water, and location) is anywhere from $300-900 a month. Farrier (hoof specialist) is around $50-$300 a month (most horses are at the lower end of this spectrum] Some horses need hoof care every 4 weeks/some can be every 6 weeks/and a few can go longer.

Additional feed can be $30-$100 a month (alot of horses are easy keepers and don't need this).

Lessons can be $60-$150 (can take a couple a month or once a week) There are online educational options and many great books written about riding and horse care.

The unexpected veterinary care is what most people are concerned with. There are insurance options for colic surgery that I've heard are around $45/month

I tell people to think about $1000 a month for all your basic horse upkeep bills.

Most times people don't additionally need to go to therapy so you save on that;) The horse is the therapist...Equine Therapy. Why go and pay $300-$25,000 for Equine therapy when you can save a horse and get the therapy straight from the Rescue Horse's mouth:)

If you are interested in private or group lessons in Malibu you can fill out my form below and receive a call or email in return.

Lesson Request Form

Our horses are rescue horses and taking lessons and rides supports their lives.

Make your dream of owning or leasing (responsibility is shared and you can stop whenever you want:) a horse come true!

-German Bit-Less Bridle sold by MALIBU HORSES Reviewed by UK Horsewoman Hilary Bassak -

"A growing number of riders have come to the conclusion that much pain and unnecessary damage has been caused by conventional bridles. There is no justification for using bits when there is now so much evidence available that proves that there is a much better option –  bit-less bridles.

As a riding instructress, I have witnessed many unfortunate horses being ridden by heavy handed riders who have no idea how much pain and anxiety they are causing horses by leaning on the reins to compensate for a poor seat and lack of balance.

 Even light handed experience riders are creating a lot more discomfort than they think.

The good news is that horses are now being ridden up to advanced dressage levels as well as in ceratin bit-less bridles that recreate the best aspects of the action of a bit.

Perhaps you are wondering how it works and whether it would be suitable for your horse.

What a pity horses can’t talk – if they could, I am sure you would be in no doubt about the fact that no horse wants a piece of cold hard metal in his mouth and the painful pressure which is applied to his tongue and sensitive gums!~

How can you have contact with your horse  and put your horse into a "Frame" without a bit? Well, you can pick up contact with your horse through the reins and as you do that-the metal wheels on both sides rotate- the pressure on the horse’s nose creates the leverage that recreates the bit.

This German Bitless Bridle has been specially designed to restrict the energy of the horse's forward movement through the front end, thus the horse’s core lifts and the energy is directed up under the rider-creating balanced movement.

This has a calming effect on your horse.

This superior bridle has been designed, manufactured and tested up to the highest standards that have given German manufacturers their excellent reputation for quality and efficiency.

This is the latest design on the worldwide marketplace.

 Up until now it has taken months for buyers to get these bridles in the U.S.  That can be so frustrating but now - MALIBU HORSES has Stock Available in The U.S.A. so you can get your bridle right away.

The choice of colors is: Brown, black or natural

The Introductory price of the a Leather “snaffle” style with a curb chain is- $139.99 USD (Reg Price $159.99)

For stronger horses that require more pressure (or to have versatility) shanks are available that attach to the wheels to add more leverage

The German Bitless Bridle + Shank Set Grand Opening Price: $187.96 USD – (Reg Price $199.99)

MALIBU HORSES has received testimonials praising the quality and design of these superior bit-less bridles and the service of MALIBU HORSES. Buy yours today! Your horse will thank You!"


Best Marriage Proposal Ever For a Horse Lover!